CE-QUAL-W2 is a two-dimensional, longitudinal/vertical, hydrodynamic and water quality model. Because the model assumes lateral homogeneity, it is best suited for relatively long and narrow waterbodies exhibiting longitudinal and vertical water quality gradients. The model has been applied to rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries.

Model capabilities:

  • Hydrodynamic. The model predicts water surface elevations, velocities, and temperatures. Temperature is included in the hydrodynamic calculations because of its effect on water density
  • Water quality. The water quality algorithms incorporate 21 constituents in addition to temperature including nutrient/phytoplankton/dissolved oxygen (DO) interactions during anoxic conditions. Any combination of constituents can be simulated. The effects of salinity or total dissolved solids/salinity on density and thus hydrodynamics are included only if they are simulated in the water quality module. The water quality algorithm is modular allowing constituents to be easily added as additional subroutines.