Arc Hydro Groundwater Pricing

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Available Tools

- - - $0 Groundwater Analyst - free with an ArcView license (Download Here)
$1500 MODFLOW Analyst
$2000 Subsurface Analyst

Please select a license method
Password (Free)
Single-user Hardware Lock, +$95.00
1-user Network Hardware Lock, +$150.00

Would you like to add prepaid premium support?
$130 Up to 1 hour of premium support
$500 Up to 5 hours of premium support
$750 Up to 8 hours of premium support

Academic, multi-copy and training discounts are also available.

Prepaid premium support hours are non-refundable.

What does a purchase
of Arc Hydro Groundwater include?

Each license that is sold does not expire and includes a full year of maintenance. Learn more about software maintenance here.

What if I already own
a license of Arc Hydro Groundwater?

Is your license current? If so, download the latest version of Arc Hydro Groundwater now and contact us to activate your software. If not, contact us to find out how to upgrade your license.

How do I activate
my Arc Hydro Groundwater license?

Arc Hydro Groundwater offers flexible licensing options so that you can work where and when you need to. Call or email us to find out about our password or hardware lock options.