What's new in GMS 10.2

The following is a list of the more significant changes and new features available in GMS 10.2.

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GMS now supports parameter estimation for MODFLOW-USG with PEST and Parallel PEST for single and multi-core processing.
A new PEST for MODFLOW-USG tutorial is now available.

Clip Display Option

Creates a clipping widget that can be used to hide part of the UGrid. Whole cells or partial cells may be clipped.
See an example of a UGrid clip
A new UGrid Clipping tutorial is now available.

Import 2D & 3D UGrid Points

Using the Import Wizard, you can now import 2D and 3D UGrid points which can also be filtered.

Delete UGrid Points

Single or multiple UGrid points may be selected and deleted as needed.

Delete UGrid Cells

Single or multiple UGrid cells may be selected and deleted as needed.


Constraints (previously "UGrid Structure") allow you to determine the type of cells and editing operations that are allowed and how they are performed on the UGrid.

Lock/Unlock for Editing

Prevent accidentally editing a UGrid such as dragging a selected point by locking or unlocking a UGrid. By default, UGrids are locked.

Graphics Smoothing

Adjust the sampling level resulting in smoother, antialiased graphics.
See an example of graphics smoothing

Swap Edge Tool

With the swap edges tool, selecting the common edge of two adjacent triangles will cause the edge to be swapped as long as the quadrilateral shape formed by the two triangles is not concave.

Split / Merge Tool

With the Split / Merge tool selected, selecting the triangle edge will cause the two triangular elements adjacent to the edge to be merged into a quadrilateral element provided that the quadrilateral shape formed by the two triangles is not concave. The tool can also be used to undo a merge or to "unmerge" a quadrilateral element.


Allows the MODFLOW-NWT model to continue even if the model fails to converge.

Export to Shapefile

Export UGrids to a polygon or point shapefile (*.shp) in the Project Explorer by right-clicking on the UGrid item.

Triangulation of Points

UGrid points can be triangulated to form a Delaunay triangulated irregular network, or TIN.

New Projections Tutorial

A new projections tutorial is now available.

Points Not Displayed

If contours are on, the point symbols are colored according to the contour options

Graphics Library Selection

Launch GMS using software graphics or system graphics.

Selection Echo Commmand

New windows menu option to open the Selection Echo window.

Convert to CAD with UGrid

UGrid data can now be converted to a CAD file.

External Plot Window

Plot windows are now outside of the GMS main window.

Double-click Properties

Double-click opens Properties of various Project Explorer items.

Properties Location

Properties menu commands are now at the bottom of all context menus for consistency.

Improved Wizard Font

Improved appearance of fonts used in the Text Import Wizard.

Improved Legend

Improved color filled contours in the legend.