Academic Licensing

With thousands of colleges and universities using our software worldwide, Aquaveo products have become known for ease of use and reliability. We believe in delivering students and professors the latest in environmental software products at an affordable price. We offer a generous academic discount and make it easy for professors to teach modern engineering practices using the latest in state-of-the-art software.

Educational Use Agreement
Educational Use Agreement

Academic Discount

In order to facilitate the use of Aquaveo software by professors and students in both research and teaching, we offer a generous 50% discount off our commercial pricing of flex licenses for academic use. Local licenses are not eligible for academic pricing. This academic license includes:

  • 2 permanent licenses for the professor's academic research pursuits
  • As many extra student licenses as needed (good for 1 year) - FREE OF CHARGE WITH ACTIVE MAINTENANCE - in order to install the software in your student computer labs

Academic licenses that are kept current on annual maintenance include:

  • Annually renewable student licenses - As many as needed
  • Technical support for the professor's permanent licenses*
  • Updates to the most current versions of Aquaveo software
  • Ability to add-on to an existing license with additional models and interfaces

* Student licenses are not eligible for technical support

This discount is only available to academic institutions, not to individual students. To apply for the discount a university representative must sign and submit our Educational Use Agreement for review and approval. The agreement must be approved by our Sales Department in order to receive the discount.

For specific questions about discounts contact sales at or +01 801-691-5528.