GIS-Based Modeling and Data Management Using Arc Hydro Groundwater

Course Description

A hands-on course featuring the GIS-based Arc Hydro Groundwater data model and tools including: managing groundwater data, creating common maps (water levels, water quality), building 3D hydrogeologic models, and integrating MODFLOW models into ArcGIS.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to use the Arc Hydro Groundwater data model and tools. You will learn how to build and customize an Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabase, import data, produce maps of temporal data such as water levels and water quality, manage and visualize borehole data, build 3D hydrogeologic models inside ArcGIS including construction of 2D and 3D cross sections and volume models, and import, edit, visualize, and create workflows with MODFLOW models inside ArcGIS.

You will learn to use the latest tools available in Arc Hydro Groundwater. Come and learn how to be more effective!

Course Outline - 3 Days

  • Introduction to geodatabases and the Arc Hydro Groundwater data model
  • Building and customizing an Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabase
  • Working with wells and time series data and creating water level maps using the Groundwater Analyst tools
  • Learn how to use Model Builder to automate workflows
  • Managing and visualizing borehole data (vertical, non-vertical)
  • Building 3D hydrogeologic models with Subsurface Analyst tools
  • Creating 2D cross sections in ArcMap
  • Learn how groundwater models can be viewed in Arc Map to aid decision making

Course Agenda

Day 1 AM Welcome and introduction.
Overview of geodatabases.
Introduction to the Arc Hydro Groundwater (AHGW) Data Model.
Building an AHGW geodatabase.
Day 1 PM Managing time series datasets in Arc Hydro Groundwater.
Working with wells and time series data.
Creating water level maps.
Automating workflows using Model Builder.
Day 2 AM Overview of managing borehole data including vertical and non- vertical boreholes.
Subsurface Analyst tools for visualizing 3D borehole data.Overview of the Hydrostratigraphy component for managing 3D hydrogeologic models in ArcGIS.
Building 3D hydrogeologic models with the horizons method.
Day 2 PM Overview of the XS2D component.
Using ArcMap editing tools to digitize 2D cross sections.
Using the XS2D Wizard, sketching cross sections, adding outcrops, raster data, well construction data, and faults to the cross section.
Converting 3D cross sections to 2D.
Day 3 AM Geophysical data with XS2D
Using sketched cross sections to generate geovolumes
Adding control points - converting cross sections to points.
Day 3 PM Intro to MODFLOW Analyst
Overview of the Simulation component, the MODFLOW Data Model, and MODFLOW Analyst tools.
Web applications for MODFLOW Analyst


Dr. Norm L. Jones is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Brigham Young University. His research area is the application of computer graphics and computational geometry to ground water modeling. Dr. Jones manages the development of the GMS graphical user interface and is the director of the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory at BYU. He has taught numerous university courses and ground water modeling short courses. He has also authored more than 90 books, reports, and technical articles and is the primary author of the GMS reference manual and tutorials.

Alan Lemon - Arc Hydro Groundwater Teamleader and member of the GMS development team and software engineer at Aquaveo. Alan has years of experience developing groundwater modeling software and teaching. He has also been involved in several consulting projects using GMS and Arc Hydro to model groundwater systems.

Thomas Griffiths - has been member of the Arc Hydro team for several years. Thomas has provided Arc Hydro Groundwater training in the United States and Internationally and is also responsible for development testing of the software. Additionally, Thomas is a consulting engineer who uses the Arc Hydro data model and tools for well permitting and groundwater modeling projects.


The cost of the 3-day course is $1395 (USD) per attendee. Save on all registrations made at least 30 days prior to the course – add $100 to the price above for late registration.

Registration includes the following:

  • Instruction and hands-on use of Arc Hydro Groundwater data model and tools.
  • Comprehensive Course Notes.
  • Software CD containing the Arc Hydro Groundwater software, tutorials, and documentation.
  • A 30-day trial license of the full Arc Hydro Groundwater tools.
  • 25% Discount (up to $500.00) on the purchase of a Arc Hydro Groundwater license.
  • Lunch and coffee/snack breaks.

Training Attendee Cancellation Policy

Course Requirements

Participants may be required to provide their own computer with the following specifications:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating system
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • CPU: GMS software is CPU intensive. Some models and utilities such as Parallel PEST can take advantage of multiple processor cores simultaneously.
  • Graphics Card: For all display features to be enabled, OpenGL 1.5 or higher must be supported. The use of a dedicated graphics card is strongly recommended. Integrated graphics can result in significantly reduced performance and may not support some visualization features.
  • 1024x768 resolution (1280x1024 or higher recommended)


To be announced


Attendees should fly into the Salt Lake International Airport (SLC), then drive, take a taxi or schedule a shuttle.

Xpress Shuttle

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