GIS Software Developer


Provo, UT

Job Summary

Work in a growing Civil Engineering software company that provides water modeling products and services around the world. The position with Aquaveo will help with core development of these products.


The candidate will

  • Research, develop, and test applications for water modeling software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Integrate DotSpatial features with existing software applications and add updated functionality.
  • Implement a model builder tool to create and run custom workflows.
  • Develop a cross platform software application for reading, writing, and rendering different types and sizes of files.
  • Develop parallel algorithms to reduce memory consumption and loading time for reading large files.
  • Setup the Aquarius workstation software in a server computer and configure HydroServer.
  • Develop data utility tools to handle data transaction between HydroServer and Aquatic workstation.
  • Develop tablet apps for transferring data.
  • Develop a digitize tool to extract plot data values from different types of image formats and store them in tabular data format.

Qualifications and Required Skills

  • Master's Degree in Computer Science or related field and knowledge of Geographic Information Systems programming, HydroServer, Mapwindow, DotSpatial, GDAL data providers, Mobile app development, database management, software development, and testing; programming skills in C++, MYSQL, and PHP.

Salary Range

Based on qualifications

Application Instructions

Email resume to