Software Maintenance

What is Maintenance?

Each software license purchase comes with one full year of maintenance at no additional charge and includes:

  1. Access to the latest updates and version releases that are available while your license is current
  2. Help from our technical support staff
  3. Ability to add new components to your license at any time

Software purchases are perpetual licenses that do not expire. After the first year, you will receive an invoice for annual maintenance. Simply pay your annual maintenance to keep your license current.

How much does it cost?

For software purchases after the first year, annual maintenance is 15% of the current value of your license.

If the price of the package or modules that you own currently sells for $1000 as a local license, the annual maintenance cost would be $150. If that same flex license sold for $1,500, the annual maintenance cost would be $225.

You can lock in your maintenance amount by prepaying the current rate for as many years as you like saving any possible price increases that may occur in the future.

What if my maintenance expiration date has passed?

If the maintenance date on your license has expired, maintenance is calculated based on the amount of time that has passed and the amount of time you wish to include in the future. If maintenance expired 18 months ago, the calculation will include 1.25% per month times 18 months plus the number of months in the future you wish to include (usually 12). This would result in 1.25% per month times 30 months. If the price of the package or modules you own currently sells for $1000, the maintenance cost for a Local License would be $375 to bring the maintenance current through 12 months in the future.

What is Premium Support?

Aquaveo offers premium support to help you get the most out of your software purchase. Premium support is hourly assistance from modeling experts offered in prepaid blocks of hours. This is provided by our modeling engineers who use our software daily for consulting projects rather than by our first line technical support staff. Add a few hours at the time of purchase and don't get stuck trying to get your model up and running!