Hydrologic Modeling for Reservoir Management, Ontario, Canada

Vale Inco Limited, Power Department


  • Long-term snowmelt modeling
  • Reservoir management
  • HEC-HMS model calibration and forecasting

Applied Software



Correctly managing the timing and quantity of reservoir releases is critical to maintaining the delicate balance of adequate flood storage and continuous power generation, particularly during high spring runoff. Vale Inco Limited determined that a hydrologic model of its reservoir drainage system would help better predict spring runoff volumes and better understand how to manage releases from the reservoir.


Aquaveo developed a hydrologic model of the reservoir drainage system to be used for short-term runoff forecasting and reservoir operations. The long-term HEC-HMS model covers an area of nearly 3,000 square miles in Ontario, Canada and contains 12 reservoirs represeting a total storage of nearly 900,000 acre-feet. The model was developed in WMS and calibrated to 5 years of observed streamflow data.


In addition to providing modeling services, Aquaveo trained Power Department staff on how to update the model as new data was gathered. Aquaveo also provided extended support for the model including updating loss methods, incorporating new inputs to the model, and recalibrating to new gauge data.