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Resources for Educators includes exercises that you can use in the classroom to teach groundwater data management including well data, time-series, cross-sections, and MODFLOW modeling in the ArcGIS environment. For groundwater or water resource courses, teach your students how to import well and time series data and how to generate maps of water levels or other field-measured values at different snapshots in time. For geology or groundwater courses, the Arc Hydro Subsurface Analyst tools can be used to generate professional quality cross section plots from borehole data and surficial geology maps. For groundwater modeling courses, the MODFLOW Analyst tools can be used to import and display model results in the ArcGIS environment.

Where can I get help?

Dr. Norman L. Jones Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Brigham Young University CE 547 - Groundwater Modeling Tel: (801) 422-7569 Email: njones@byu.edu