MODFLOW Analyst is compatible with:

  • ArcGIS Desktop

The MODFLOW Analyst enables you to edit, archive, and visualize modflow models within ArcGIS. The geoprocessing tools are based on the MODFLOW Data Model, which supports the storage of a complete modflow model (including grid structure, inputs, and results) within an ArcGIS geodatabase. Tools in the toolkit enable you to import an existing model into the geodatabase and geo-reference the model so you can visualize and analyze the results in context with other GIS data.

A number of easy to follow tutorials are available for MODFLOW Analyst.


Manage MODFLOW models within ArcGIS

  • MODFLOW Analyst now supports MODFLOW 2005 as well as a number of MODFLOW packages!
  • Import existing MODFLOW models and store them in the MODFLOW model structure
  • Export & Run MODFLOW models within ArcGIS
  • Map GIS attributes to MODFLOW models
  • Well permitting tool
  • Customized workflows