SMS Flood & Storm Surge Modeling Solutions


SMS & TUFLOW are used to simulate flooding in major rivers through to complex overland and piped urban flows, estuarine and coastal tide hydraulics, and inundation from storm tides.

TUFLOW is a 1D/2D flood and tidal model that has a wide range of applications with similar capabilities to other, more expensive flood models. When compared with leading flood simulation models, TUFLOW boasts improved data handling and faster computations.

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SRH-2D is a hydraulic model developed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation that incorporates very robust and stable numerical schemes with a seamless wetting-drying algorithm. The model uses a flexible mesh that may contain arbitrarily shaped elements, both quadrilateral and triangular, which promotes solution accuracy while minimizing computing demand. SRH-2D modeling applications include flows with in-stream structures, through bends, with perched rivers, with side channel and agricultural returns, and with braided channel systems. SRH-2D is well suited for modeling local flow velocities, eddy patterns, flow recirculation, lateral velocity variation, and flow over banks and levees.

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ADCIRC is a two-dimensional, depth-integrated, barotropic time-dependent long wave, hydrodynamic circulation model. ADCIRC models can be applied to computational domains encompassing the deep ocean, continental shelves, coastal seas, and small-scale estuarine systems. Typical ADCIRC applications include modeling tides and wind driven circulation, analysis of hurricane storm surge and flooding, dredging feasibility and material disposal studies, larval transport studies, near shore marine operations.

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