Hydrodynamic Flow & Transport Modeling with SMS

HYDRO_AS-2D Application

Application:Riverine Modeling
Method:2D Finite Volume


Why HYDRO_AS-2D with SMS?
SMS supports HYDRO_AS-2D through the Generic Model Interface offering a simple way to set model parameters and visualize the results. SMS allows you to interact with models in true 3D taking advantage of optimized OpenGL graphics and to create photo-realistic renderings and animation for PowerPoint, print, and web presentations.

HYDRO_AS-2D V 5 is compatible with SMS 12.2 and newer releases.

HYDRO_AS-2D Description:
HYDRO_AS-2D SimulationHYDRO_AS-2D is market leader in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is based on the numerical solution of the shallow water equations using the Finite-Volume-Method.

HYDRO_AS-2D has a wide range of applications including hydrodynamic river, costal and heavy rainfall / urban flash flood modeling.

With HYDRO_FT-2D additional modules for bed load transport up to 12 grain dimensions, wash load and pollution / heat transport can be applied.

HYDRO_AS-2D-GPU/MP - the parallel execution of simulation optimized for graphics cards or multi processors is also available.

HYDRO_AS-2D is available with an English and German user interface.

Versions for Windows and Linux are offered.

HYDRO_AS-2D is characterized by:

  • High stability, robustness and exactness for a wide spectrum of hydrodynamic conditions
  • Short calculating time, also for millions of elements
  • High computational accuracy guaranteed by extensive lab tests and real world applications since 1999
  • Volumetric accuracy of the tidal wave propagation on complex topography

HYDRO_AS-2D is highly user-optimized and offers the following extensions:

  • LASER_AS-2D: Net-generator based on LIDAR-data for intelligent thinning of data and deriving of terrain edges
  • Stream Network Generator: Efficient generating of 2D meshes for river channels
  • JabPlot: Creating professional profile and longitudinal plots
  • JabMap: Pre- and postprocessor /interface to GIS

HYDRO_AS-2D 5 - Improved user interface and performance

User Interface HYDRO_AS-2D
HYDRO_AS-2D 5 offers a user interface. This allows you to control calculation runs, test procedures and data export comfortably and clearly in one operating window.


64-bit preprocessor and test functions
With the new 64-bit processor, data cheks are now much faster. The preprocessor performs extensive and plausibility checks.

Model control via scripting
Complex water management systems such as the control of weirs or outlet structures can be modeled more precisely using scripts. This is a unique feature that no other 2D hydraulic software program offers.

No limitations of model elements
The limitation for the maximum number of node strings, nodes in node strings as well as nodes of inflow hydrographs and water level/discharge relationships has been removed. The number is no longer limited here (limitation is the available memory).