SMS River & Coast Package

SMS River & Coast Package

The SMS River and Coast package offers all core surface-water modeling tools including geometry construction, mapping, data handling, and visualization capabilities as well as a variety of riverine and coastal numerical models including SRH, HEC-RAS, RMA2, ADCIRC, STWAVE, CMS-Flow, CMS-Wave, and BOUSS2D.

Select a license method:

SMS is licensed with either a local or a flex code.
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Local License - Enable a license on a single computer
Flex License - Share a license over a network with check-out/check-in feature

Available Add-ons:

RMA4 +$550
ADH +$940
Generic Model Interface +$770
      HYDRO AS-2D +$9,520
      TUFLOW FV (Local 1) +$6,900
           TUFLOW FV GPU Module +$3,450
           TUFLOW FV AD Module +$3,450
TUFLOW (Local 1) +$8,220
      TUFLOW AD Module +$4,770
      TUFLOW M2D/QT Module +$3,450
      TUFLOW GPU Module +$3,450
WAM +$940
CGWAVE +$6,440
GENCADE +$1,760
PTM +$2,440