What's new in SMS 12.2

The following is a list of the more significant changes and new features available in SMS 12.2.

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Sediment Transport with SRH-2D

SMS 12.2 includes support for sediment transport in riverine environments using the latest release of SRH-2D.

New SRH-2D Tutorials

New tutorials are available for SRH-2D in SMS including sediment transport, cohesive sediment transport, unsteady sediment transport, boundary conditions, and post-processing.

CMS-Flow Features

CMS-Flow coverages have been added for structures as well as monitoring stations in SMS 12.2.

HEC-RAS 2D Support

Leverage the mesh generation and refinement tools in SMS to quickly create and export geometry for use in HEC-RAS 2D. The simulation-based process is also supported in SMS with HEC-RAS. Additional HEC-RAS support will be available in future versions of SMS. A new tutorial is available which outlines the current support for HEC-RAS 2D.

New Module Features

SMS can now use multiple curvilinear grids. Curvilinear grids can be duplicated for quick creation of geometry iterations. The UGrid module has also been added to SMS for creating unstructured grids.

New Tutorials on Sensitivity Analysis

New tutorials are available for RMA2 and FESWMS sensitivity analysis.

SMS Community Version

The SMS Community Version is available for free. Open and view SMS files and create a single mesh. SRH-2D is also available in the community version which is limited to one simulation. Learn more about the community version of SMS here.

New General Features

Options have been added to the Smooth Arc tool. Size functions can now be used to redistribute vertices along an arc.

New Projections Tutorial

A new projections tutorial for SMS is now available.