WMS Research Citations

The following list is a sample of papers, publications, and other articles citing the Watershed Modeling System (WMS). Please contact us if you would like additional publications added to the list.

Number Title Link Keywords Year
1 Application of Watershed Modeling System (WMS) for Integrated Management of a Watershed in Turkey Link DEM, Kargicak Creek, Koycegiz Lake-Dalyan Lagoon watershed, watershed models, WMS 2007
2 Watershed Modeling and its Applications: A State-of-the-Art Review Link watershed modeling, water resources, hydrology, catchments 2011
3 Groundwater potentiality mapping in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, using remote sensing and GIS-watershed-based modeling Link Egypt, remote sensing, watershed modeling, GIS, groundwater potentiality mapping 2011
4 Watershed Modeling Using GIS Technology: A Critical Review Link GIS, hydrologic processes, modeling, watershed, sensing 2010
5 Evaluation of Land Development Impact on a tropical Watershed Hydrology Using Remote Sensing and GIS Link land development, runoff, HEC, water resources, GIS, remote sensing 2005
6 A framework for implementing spatial and temporal uncertainty in integrated water resources modelling Link credible interval, integrated water resources, modelling, stochastic, uncertainty 2011
7 Application of a Distributed Hydrologic Model to the November 17, 2004, Flood of Bull Creek Watershed, Austin, Texas Link floods, hydrologic models, precipitation, runoff, watersheds, Texas 2010
8 Performance of a conceptual and physically based model in simulating the response of a semi-urbanized watershed in San Antonio, Texas Link hydrology, surface runoff, modeling, NEXRAD,physically based mode 2012
9 Hydro engineering Feasibility Study of Surface Runoff Water Harvesting in Al-Ajeej Basin, North West Iraq Link sustainability, water harvesting, small dams, Al-Ajeej Basin, WMS, GIS 2011
10 Physically Based Hydrological Modeling of the 2002 Floods in San Antonio, Texas Link floods, hydrologic models, rainfall, Texas 2011
11 Water Harvesting and Reservoir Optimization in Selected Areas of South Sinjar Mountain, Iraq Link irrigation optimization, rain water harvesting 2012
12 Integrated Modeling for Flood Hazard Mapping Using Watershed Modeling System Link Dez River Basin, extreme flash flooding, HEC-1, HEC-RAS, GIS 2008
13 Comparison of Lumped and Quasi-Distributed Clark Runoff Models Using the SCS Curve Number Equation Link hydrographs, watersheds, parameters, hydrologic models, runoff 2009
14 Comparison of the Lumped and Quasi-distributed Clark Runoff Models in Simulating Flood Hydrographs on a Semi-arid Watershed Link rainfall-runoff model, distributed model, lumped model, ModClark, Clark, semi-arid hydrology 2011
15 Opportunity-driven hydrological model development in US Army research and development programs Link GSSHA, history of models 2012
16 Relative importance of impervious area, drainage density, width function, and subsurface storm drainage on flood runoff from an urbanized catchment Link extreme flooding, GSSHA, hurricane, storm, urban 2011
17 Flood hazard in Wadi Rahbaa area, Egypt Link flash flood, runoff, drainage system 2012
18 Early Warning And On-Line Mapping For Flood Events Link early flood warning, remote sensing 2010
19 Effects of Rough Surface Slopes on Surface Depression Storage Link runoff, roughness, surface depression storage 2010
20 Rain Water Harvesting and Supplemental Irrigation at Northern Sinjar Mountain, Iraq Link runoff, water shortages, rain harvesting 2012
21 Hydrologic Modeling of an Extreme Flood in the Guadalupe River in Texas Link flooding, precipitation, runoff, surface water hydrology, GSSHA 2010
22 Physically Based, Hydrologic Model Results Based on Three Precipitation Products† Link flooding, precipitation, runoff, streamflow, land use/land cover change, GSSHA 2012
23 Applying WMS 8.3 to Evaluate Water Quality Condition of Han River Link WMS, HEC-RAS, Han River, Danang City, surface water quality standards 2006
24 Small Watershed Flood Frequency Analysis for Utah Link WMS, watershed, basins, flood frequency 2012
25 Groundwater Potentiality Mapping in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Using Remote Sensing and GIS-Watershed-Based Modeling Link Egypt, remote sensing, watershed modeling, GIS, groundwater potentiality mapping 2010