Discount Pricing

Multiple discounts may apply when you purchase a new license or bring an old one current. Multi-seat, academic use, and training discounts are available on qualifying orders of our GMS, SMS, WMS, and Arc Hydro Groundwater software.

  • Multi-seat Discount
  • Academic Use Discount
  • Training Course Discount

Volume discounts apply to multiple seats sold to a single customer. Volume discounts cannot be applied for multiple offices of the same company. The discounts are as follows:

Multi-seat Discount

(Number of Seats) Discount
(1) 0%
(2) 15% Off License #2
(3-10) 30% Off License #3-10
(11+) please contact us for a quote

In order to facilitate the use of Aquaveo software by professors and students in both research and teaching, we offer a generous 50% discount for academic use licenses. This academic license includes:

  • 2 permanent licenses for research
  • As many extra licenses as you need (FREE OF CHARGE) in order to install the software in your student computer labs

This discount is only available to academic institutions, not to individual students. To be eligible for the discount a university representative must also sign our Educational Use Agreement.

A 25% discount can be applied to licenses and upgrades sold to users attending an Aquaveo approved training course. The maximum discount per license is $500.

Upcoming training courses:

For specific questions about discounts contact sales at or +01 801-691-5528.