Environment: Groundwater & Subsurface Geology

Environment: Groundwater & Subsurface Geology

Managing groundwater resources and understanding subsurface characteristics require advanced model building and visualization tools. GMS & AHGW have been designed to help make critical decisions on how to effectively manage water use.

Well & Aquifer Management

Manage the well permitting process in GMS & AHGW and determine the impact of prospective wells on neighboring wells and drawdown to ensure abundant water levels.

Subsurface Characterization

Characterize subsurface geology, simulate groundwater flow, and manage water usage through budgeting & well permitting using GMS.

Contamination & Remediation

Model contaminates as they travel with water through the subsurface and visualize the effects of remediation efforts over time with GMS.

Groundwater in Mining

Identify seepage and dewatering issues as well as contaminant transport concerns using GMS.

Energy Production & Water Res.

Estimate available water resources and requirements for coal, and nuclear energy production with GMS.

Geothermal Energy

Model the geothermal energy process. Heat transport can be simulated in GMS to represent heating and cooling of buildings to save energy costs and reduce non-renewable energy consumption.

Dam & Levee Analysis

Identify safety factors through dam and levee analysis and model the stability of slopes in GMS.

Subsurface Mapping & GIS

Manage well data and well permitting with Arc Hydro Groundwater. Create time series maps and characterize subsurface models all from within ArcGIS.