XMS Forums Discontinued

To the XMS user community,

Please be advised that the XMS forums (GMS, SMS, WMS, and AHGW) on forum.aquaveo.com were discontinued on March 27, 2023.

We appreciate everyone who has contributed to the forums by asking questions and sharing expertise with the XMS user community. The decision to discontinue the forums was based primarily on the following:

  • After reviewing feedback from the XMS software community, we’ve decided to redirect resources to creating additional tutorials, blog posts, and other documentation.
  • The XMS forums are utilized by only a small percentage of the total XMS user community.
  • The forums require continual maintenance to deal with issues created by spammers, bots, etc.

Common questions and answers

Q: Where can I reach out if I have a question about working with Aquaveo software.
A: There are many help resources on aquaveo.com that are freely available to anyone working with XMS software. Customers with current software maintenance may reach out to our technical support team for assistance.

Q: I don’t have current maintenance. Is there someone I can contact to report software issues?
A: Bug reports can be sent to support@aquaveo.com. Please be advised that customers with current maintenance receive priority. Support will be limited to addressing bug reports for individuals without current software maintenance.

Q: Where can I send feedback about this decision or other general issues?
A: For general questions and feedback, please contact us by email or telephone.