CityWater - License Configuration

CityWater - License Configuration

CityWater offers a unique and powerful set of tools for managing water distribution. A software license can be configured to meet your organization's specific needs with a flexible base price and the ability to add more capabilities as needed. The Project Viewer is based on the exact size of your EPANET model with a minimum $250 annual subscription price. Add-on modules are a fixed annual subscription price. Additional charges may apply if the size of your model(s) increase significantly throughout the year.

Configure City Water License:

Step 1: How many pipes are in your largest model?
Citywater Core Components:

Step 2: Choose your add-on's.
Scenario Management add-on +$1095/yr.
Fire Flow Analysis add-on +$1095/yr.
Pressure Zone Schematic add-on +$1095/yr.
     Energy Optimization add-on (Requires Pressure Zone Schematic) +$1645/yr.
Client Account Management add-on +$1095/yr.

Interested in Enterprise?

CityWater is available as an enterprise option which gives you a dedicated server with a unique domain name and premium support.
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