CityWater Pricing



    $1,995 / yr.
$2,995 / yr.
$3,995 / yr.
Project Viewer
 - Network Map LayersView map layers that represent the network as defined in the EPANET model.     check check check
 - Report Map LayersView map layers that represent the different report our output datasets including: pressure, head, demand, and water quality at nodes and velocity, flow, and headloss at links.     check check check
 - Element Timeseries PlotsSelect any element on the map and plot its value over time for a better understanding of how the model behaves temporally.     check check check
 - Element Property LookupSelect any element on the map and access model properties including physical properties of the network, valve and pump settings, and report values.     check check check
 - Element AnnotationAnnotate any element on the map. Use this feature to provide real-time feedback to model developers, track resident complaints, or to identify work needing to be done on the distribution system.     check check check
 - Address LookupLookup an address on the map to quickly identify nearby model elements.     check check check
 - Pattern and Curve PlotsVisualize the demand patterns and pump curves that are defined by the model.     check check check
 - Export Layers as ShapefilesUse your EPANET model data in GIS by exporting any of the layers to shapefile.     check check check
 - Upload Any EPANET ModelUpload any EPANET model to easily share with others in your organization.     check check check
 - Available Fire Flow LayerView a node layer that represents the available peak day fire flow at every junction in your model.     check check check
 - Animate Layers Across SimulationAnimate whichever layers you are viewing over the course of your model simulation.     check check check
Scenario Management
 - Create Scenarios from within ProjectsCreates a copy of your model that can be modified, executed, viewed, and interacted with in the same way as your base model.     check check check
 - Edit Model Properties and Scenario OptionsMany properties are exposed for editing within a scenario, including base flow demand, demand patterns, pump curves, and valve settings.     check check check
 - Run and Re-run ScenariosExecute a scenario after making desired changes and then explore the results.     check check check
 - Perform Fire Flow AnalysisRetrieve the available fire flow at any junction in your model, or perform a fire flow planning analysis.     check check check
 - Perform Water Quality AnalysisExecute your model on the fly to perform age, chemical, or trace water quality analyses, and view the results as an animation.     check check check
Conceptual Schematic
 - Zone Map LayersView map layers that divide your model elements into conceptual zones for a higher level understanding of the model.       check check
 - Conceptual Schematic VisualizationVisualize the key zone of your model in an interactive, conceptual schematic to gain valuable insights and identify areas for improvement.       check check
 - Size Schematic Nodes by ValueSize conceptual schematic nodes by type or by the values of the different report datasets to understand how the different zones interact.       check check
 - Customize Schematic LabelsChange the labels of conceptual schematic elements to be more meaningful to you and others in your organization.       check check
 - Sort by Relative ElevationSort the model element by relative elevation and turn on an elevation scale.       check check
Client Account Management
 - Create Organizations for your ClientsCreate organizations for each of your clients to control which users have access to each model.         check
 - Create User Accounts for your ClientsCreate any number of user accounts for your clients.         check
 - Manage Projects for your ClientsDeliver the latest results of your modeling activities to your clients by uploading them to CityWater and assigning them to the appropriate organization.         check
Advanced Energy Analysis
 - Run Energy Analysis AlgorithmsRun powerful post processing algorithms that will automatically identify energy inefficiencies in your distribution network.       Add-on Add-on
 - Visualize Looping InefficienciesVisualize areas on the conceptual schematic where water is needlessly pumped due to looping.       Add-on Add-on
 - Visualize Leaping InefficienciesVisualize areas on the conceptual schematic where water is needlessly pumped due to leaping.       Add-on Add-on
 - Visualize Loading InefficienciesVisualize pumps on the conceptual schematic that are running more frequent than necessary.       Add-on Add-on
 - Visualize Losing InefficienciesVisualize areas on the conceptual schematic where hydraulic energy from source nodes is lost and then pumped again.       Add-on Add-on
 - Visualize Level InefficienciesVisualize tanks on the conceptual schematic that are not efficiently using available hydraulic energy.       Add-on Add-on