Web-based Well Registration and Geo-database

Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District, Texas


  • Web-based well data management
  • Online payments for water usage

Applied Software

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Google Maps


Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District (PGCD) was over budget and behind schedule on the development of a web-based well registration and data management system. The well registration system was based on SQL Server and ArcGIS Server; this system was not meeting PGCD's expectations in terms of performance or functionality.


PGCD hired Aquaveo to take over development of the well registration website. Within 3 months Aquaveo had the website up and running. The system was migrated to use MySQL and Google Maps in order to decrease licensing costs for PGCD. Aquaveo and PGCD worked closely during the website development to ensure that PGCD's needs would be met. This collaboration resulted in many changes to the website that were not anticipated in the original design. With agile project management, Aquaveo was able to incorporate required changes without going overbudget or having the project stall.


The new system met PGCD's expectations for performance. The mapping application works very fast; the website is used by PGCD on a daily basis. Further, PGCD now allows its water users to report their water usage and make payments online. Drillers within the district have also benefited as they can now look up drilling reports for existing wells at the website.