Sacramento Regional Groundwater Model

City of Roseville, California


  • Aquifer storage and recovery system
  • Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabase development
  • Steady state and transient calibration

Applied Software

  • Arc Hydro Groundwater
  • ArcGIS


Groundwater resources are a growing concern in the Northern California region. To address these concerns, the City of Roseville led an effort to evaluate the feasibility of implementing an aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) program for conjunctive use and to develop a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient strategy to meet seasonal, long term and emergency water needs throughout the region.


Aquaveo developed a regional MODFLOW groundwater model of a portion of the North American Sub-basin aquifer on behalf of the City of Roseville. The MODFLOW model, developed with GMS, replaced an existing IGSM model of the area. The project also included the development of a geodatabase for the associated data in the Sacramento area for use in ASR design and long-term planning and management.


Arc Hydro Groundwater tools as well as custom geo-processing tools were developed to organize and visualize the data in ArcGIS. A 2D overland flow model (GSSHA) was developed within WMS to develop recharge inputs for the MODFLOW model. The project was performed to the client's satisfaction.