The CLN Package in GMS

The Connected Linear Network (CLN) process was developed for MODFLOW-USG to model one dimensional connected features that are much smaller than a groundwater flow model's cells. The CLN Process can be used to replace multi-cell wells that would use the MNW1 or MNW2 package in other versions of MODFLOW.


  • GMS supports the CLN (Connected Linear Network) Package
  • Display cells that have CLN package/GW process connections
  • Display the CLN flow budget

The orange symbols in the screenshot show the CLN package/GW process connections

CLN Supports Multi Node Wells

  • Like the MNW package, the CLN package supports multi node wells in MODFLOW-USG
  • Simply create a CLN well using the conceptual model

Tutorial available

CLN Wells in GMS

Supports head observations in CLN wells

Tutorial available

GMS Map Shapefile to CLN

  • Map a 2D shape file for surface stream network
  • Map a 3D shapefile to the CLN package for something more complex
  • Map values from the shapefile attribute table to the CLN package
  • Generate the CLN grid geometry for the CLN package (displayed as a UGrid)

CLN Process Dialog

Data from the CLN package is displayed in the dialog

Values may be directly edited

Further development is based on user feedback/demand and can be sent to

Items under consideration:

  • Concentration observation
  • Horizontal wells
  • MODFLOW outputs displayed on the CLN grid (heads, CCF)