Transport Modeling with GMS


MODPATH is a particle tracking code that is used in conjunction with MODFLOW. After running a MODFLOW simulation, the user can designate the location of a set of particles. The particles are then tracked through time assuming they are transported by advection using the flow field computed by MODFLOW... learn more


MT3DMS is a modular three-dimensional transport model for the simulation of advection, dispersion, and chemical reactions of dissolved constituents in groundwater systems. MT3DMS uses a modular structure similar to the structure utilized by MODFLOW... learn more


PHT3D is a multicomponent transport model for three-dimensional reactive transport in saturated porous media. PHT3D is a combination of MT3DMS and PHREEQC-2. The PHREEQC component allows for a variety of low temperature aqueous geochemical reactions... learn more


SEAWAT is a three dimensional variable density groundwater flow and transport model developed by the USGS based on MODFLOW and MT3DMS. SEAWAT v4 is based on MODFLOW 2000 and MT3DMS 5.2. SEAWAT includes two additional packages: Variable-Density Flow (VDF) and Viscosity (VSC)... learn more


RT3D is a multi-species reactive transport model developed by the Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. RT3D is a modified version of MT3DMS that utilizes alternate Chemical Reaction packages.... learn more


SEAM3D is a reactive transport model used to simulate complex biodegradation problems involving multiple substrates and multiple electron acceptors. It is based on the MT3DMS code... learn more