GMS Research Citations

The following list is a sample of papers, publications, and other articles citing the Groundwater Modeling System (GMS). Please contact us if you would like additional publications added to the list.

Number Title Link Keywords Year
1 Using a MODFLOW grid, generated with GMS, to solve a transport problem with TOUGH2 in complex geological environments: The intertidal deposits of the Venetian Lagoon Link TOUGH2, MODFLOW Grid, GMS, Venetian Lagoon, transport model, remediation, groundwater, Italy 2011
2 Hydro-Geochemical Medelling in the Passo a Campalto Phosphogympsum Ddump in the Lagoon of Venzia, Italy Link TOUGH2, MODFLOW Grid, GMS, Venezia, Italy 2008
3 Detailed Hydraulic Assessment Using a High-Resolution Piezocone Coupled to the GeoVIS Link Piezocone, GeoVIS, hydraulic conductivity, flux, seepage velocity, transport model, remediation, groundwater, USA 2008
4 GIS-based hydrogeological databases and groundwater modelling Link groundwater management, GIS, database management, Belgium 2001
5 Exploitation Management of Underground Dams by Using Mathematical Models of Finite Difference in GMS7.1 Link underground dam, exploitation management, mathematical model of finite difference, GMS 2012
6 Impact of Injection System Design on ISCO Performance with Permanganate — Mathematical Modeling Results Link in situ chemical oxidation, ISCO, permanganate, models, heterogeneity, treatment efficiency 2012
7 Ozark Plateau Aquifer, Hydrologic Report, MODFLOW, Model Results, and Safe Yield, Determination Link Ozark Plateau, Kansas, MODFLOW, safe yield 2010
8 Structural Influence on Plume Migration From a Tailings Dam in the West Rand, Republic of South Africa Link mining, groundwater, dams, contamination, plume modeling 2002
9 Groundwater Modelling in Aquifers with highly Karstic and Heterogeneous Characteristics (KHC) in Palestine Link calibration, GIS, GMS, GWW, heterogeneous aquifer, karst aquifer, models support system, Palistinian Basins, pre-post processing, West Bank 2002
10 Modeling of Complex Multi-Aquifer Systems for Groundwater Resources Evaluation-Swidnica Study Case (Poland) Link Groundwater, Numerical modeling, Multi-aquifer system, Groundwater resources evaluation 2004
11 Tradable Permits for Controlling Nitrates in Groundwater at Farm Level: A Conceptual Model Link agriculture, groundwater pollution, leaching, nitrates, pollution trading 2000
12 Assessment and Prediction of Contaminant Transport and Migration at a Florida Superfund Site Link GMS, modeling, contaminant transport and migration 1999
13 Modeling the Effect of Chemical Fertilizers on Ground Water Quality in the Nile Valley Aquifer, Egypt Link contaminant transport 2001
14 A sequential modelling approach to assess groundwater–surface water resources in a snow dominated region of Finland Link cold climate, unconfined esker aquifer, climate variability, surface water–groundwater interaction, soil frost 2011
15 Modelling groundwater flow and advective contaminant transport in the Bou-Areg unconfined aquifer (NE Morocco) Link Bou-Areg unconfined aquifer, groundwater flow model, GMS (MODFLOW), steady and transient states, recharge, advective transport MODPATH 2008
16 Modeling Perchlorate Contamination In Coastal Aquifer of Israel Link groundwater transport 2010
17 Development of conceptual groundwater flow model for Pali Area, India Link groundwater flow model, conceptual model, groundwater recharge, spatial distribution, GIS 2011