GMS Testimonials

"I brought good experience and knowledge from 4 days GMS training course. The training course was interactive and easy to follow. The instructor was friendly and knowledgeable in the subject matter. From my extensive experience in using various softwares for more than 10 years in varieties of fields, I find GMS to be an efficient and user friendly interface tool to model complex and realistic hydrogeological models."

   - Dr.-Ing. Manoj Khanal

"I have used GMS on a range of projects, from relatively simple 2D, local scale, steady state models to geologically complex, 3D, regional scale, transient models. The conceptual model component of the software is a great way to convert data from a GIS database into model boundaries and is a helpful way to pull together understanding of the system. However, from my experience the strongest aspect of the software is its technical support; if the wiki pages, online forums or tutorials do not have the answer then the AquaVeo team are fast to respond by both email and telephone which makes the software extremely accessible."

   - Sarah Lyle, FGS, MSci, MSc, Consultant
     SRK Consulting

"GMS is a great tool with a lot of versatility for groundwater projects. I use it to develop 3D stratigraphy models, 2D and 3D plume renderings, as well as groundwater flow and fate and transport modeling. Aquaveo also provides superior technical support; they are knowledgeable and responsive."

   - Mark DeJohn, PG, Senior Geologist
     Michael Baker Corporation

"I’ve used GMS for over 15 years on a wide variety of modeling and visualization projects. The conceptual model approach/tools and continuing improvements to the software allow me to efficiently develop cost-effective models for clients who are always concerned about their budget. The Aquaveo development team is very responsive to questions/suggestions and the online discussion group is a great forum for both users and developers to determine better ways to use and improve the software."

   - Sean Czarniecki, P.E., Sr. Project Engineer

"Since 1997 I have found GMS to be a valuable tool in organizing and presenting significantly complex subsurface groundwater systems. As an educator I have observed that students quickly become adept at using its many capabilities, functions, options, and tools."

   - Willis D. Weight PhD, PE
     Author of Hydrogeology Field Manual 2nd Ed.

"GMS is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It is very nice and very fast and crisp. Very well done."

   - Richard Peralta
     Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, Utah State University

“It’s very fast to develop and build numerical flow and transport models with GMS GIS tools and unique Conceptual Model Approach, especially a lot time saving on large scale and complicated models, in terms of transferring lithology/hydrogeology data into the models, adjusting boundary conditions, evaluating model structure errors, etc…”

   - David Li
     AMEC Engineering, Inc.

"The best way to get information out of data using a model, is to calibrate that model using state-of-the-art inversion software. I like the way that GMS makes this easy through their interface to PEST."

   - John Doherty
     Author of PEST

"GMS offered by Aquaveo has been a valuable asset to improve my understanding of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in complex hydrogeological settings. The GMS modeling platform has been relatively easy to use, and when needed, Aquaveo’s technical support team has provided timely technical solutions to keep projects on track. I have especially appreciated Aquaveo’s ability to provide senior technical consulting staff with experience in applying GMS to groundwater issues, and their contributions towards achieving successful project outcomes."

   - Dave Voight, PG, CPG, Senior Hydrogeologist
     SpecPro, Inc.

"I prefer GMS for building MODFLOW and RT3D models. The RT3D interface in GMS is excellent and easy to use. GMS has great tools for visualizing model results in 3D."

   - Prabhakar Clement, Ph.D., P.E.
     Professor and Arthur H. Feagin Chair of Civil Engineering
     Department of Civil Engineering, Auburn University

"When faced with the need to outsource our ground water modeling, Aquaveo came in and provided high quality, technical support for Virginia’s ground water withdrawal permitting program. With their help, we eliminated a long standing permit backlog and migrated to a new generation model. Aquaveo is great to work with and I would highly recommend them."

   - Scott W. Kudlas, Director
     Office of Surface and Ground Water Supply Planning
     Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

"GMS has been a valuable tool in the construction and evaluation of regional groundwater flow models. The ability to rapidly visualize results is a great asset in model development and in communicating results to cooperators and the public.

One aspect that made GMS accessible in my applications was the excellent tutorials provided by Aquaveo. When I suggest GMS as a possible platform for developing MODFLOW models to potential users, I recommend these tutorials as an educational aid to come up to speed more quickly.

Finally, the online support staff have been very responsive to my calls for help on any number of issues. This relation also has been a 'two-way street', sometimes with me finding a solution that I convey to the support staff so that others may benefit from it. Invariably, they have been patient and unassuming in their support."

   - John Czarnecki, Ph.D., Hydrologist
     U.S. Geological Survey, Arkansas Water Science Center