Water Budget Calculations in GMS

Application:Groundwater Flow Modeling Analysis
Model Type:3D
Developer:U.S. Geological Survey


GMS provides a custom interface to the ZONEBUDGET utility offering a simple way to set model parameters and a graphical user interface to run the model and visualize the results. Gather background data from a variety of sources from GIS to CAD and access online data from numerous databases of maps, images, and elevation data. GMS allows you to interact with models in true 3D taking advantage of optimized OpenGL graphics and to create photo-realistic renderings and animations for PowerPoint, print, and web presentations.

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ZONEBUDGET Description:
ZONEBUDGET is a USGS program that reads cell to cell flow data produced by MODFLOW and calculates water budgets for subregions of the modeled area. GMS has an interface to ZONEBUDGET available from the MODFLOW | Flow Budget menu command. This command brings up the Flow Budget dialog and one of the available tabs in the dialog is USGS ZONEBUDGET. GMS supports version 3.01 of ZONEBUDGET.

When the user brings up the ZONEBUDGET tab they will be analyzing the CCF file from the active MODFLOW solution. All ZONEBUDGET inputs and outputs will be written to the same location as the CCF file.