Langarian Particle Tracking with SMS


Application:Riverine & Coastal Modeling
Developer:Coldwater Consulting Ltd.


Why PTM with SMS?
SMS provides a custom interface to the PTM model offering a simple way to set model parameters and a graphical user interface to run the model and visualize the results. Gather background data from a variety of sources from GIS to CAD and access online data from numerous databases of maps, images, and elevation data. SMS allows you to interact with models in true 3D taking advantage of optimized OpenGL graphics and to create photo-realistic renderings and animations for PowerPoint, print, and web presentations.

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PTM Description:
The Particle Tracking Model (PTM) is a Lagrangian particle tracker designed to allow the user to simulate particle transport processes. PTM is funded through two US Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) research programs, the Coastal Inlets Research Program (CIRP) and the Dredging Operations and Environmental Research (DOER) Program.

PTM has been developed for application to dredging and coastal projects including dredged material dispersion and fate, sediment pathway and fate, and constituent transport. The model contains algorithms that appropriately represent transport, settling, deposition, mixing, and resuspension processes in nearshore wave/current conditions. It uses waves and currents developed through other models and input directly to PTM as forcing functions.