March 2011 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the March 2011 sprint:
  • Released GMS 8.0 with lots of new features including a free Community Edition, support for MODFLOW 2005 and SEAWAT, faster and better looking graphics, improved contouring, ArcGIS map server layers, and much more.
  • Updated the GMS web pages at The graphics are better, the content and layout is much easier on the eyes, there's a new learning center with videos and tutorials, and a new editions and pricing page, and a new "Why MODFLOW with GMS?" page.
  • Posted a new video on our YouTube channel showing the MODFLOW stream package and streams in a conceptual model.
  • Fixed 33 bugs
  • Found and fixed some memory leaks
  • Finished the new lighting options that will be included in version 8.1
  • Made good progress on implementing the new Rasters that will be available in 8.2 and will handle DEM data much better.
  • Added a bunch of pages to the wiki about the SEAWAT interface.
  • Made good progress on improving the annotations that are new in 8.0 and will work much better in 8.1
  • Added more automated testing of the 64 bit version of GMS that will be available with 8.1