Aquaveo & Water Resources Engineering News


With the release this week of GMS 8.2, GMS includes support for MODFLOW-NWT including the UPW package and NWT solver. Compiled versions of the MODFLOW-NWT executable are included with the GMS installer, including versions for 64 bit and double precision. A new tutorial covering the NWT interface has been added and is included in the tutorial installer and is also available via the learning center.

February 2012 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the February 2012 sprint:
  • Released GMS 8.2
  • Finished GMS 8.3 beta
  • Flow vector calculations are now velocity vectors
  • Design for MODFLOW-CDSS
  • Gage package progress
  • PEST Null space Monte Carlo progress
  • Fixed over 36 bugs
  • Created GUI tests for the MNW2 package, FEMWATER transport tutorial, Map -> 3D scatter, 2D Scatter -> 3D Scatter and other features
  • Progress on MODFLOW-LGR design
  • MT3D heat transport tutorial
  • Documented versions of third party software on the wiki