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Arc Hydro Groundwater Training - Perth, Australia

Alan Lemon recently completed another successful Arc Hydro Groundwater training in Perth, Austrailia. The class was organized by our friends at SRIT. We had a large group and great accommodations at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth. Many thanks to SRIT for organizing and to those who attended.
Group picture
Lecture room
Lecture room
Small group picture

GMS Sprint April 2015

Some of the more notable things completed by the GMS team during the month.
  • Fixed 4 bugs
  • MODFLOW-USG translator progress
  • Export native text for MODFLOW-USG
  • More selection options for UGrids: with line, polygon, by ID etc.
  • Start on support for BCT package in next version of MODFLOW-USG
  • Name file / unit number manager work mostly completed
  • Work on improved quadtree design for UGrids
  • mod-PATH3DU progress
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