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GMS Sprint January 2016

Some of the more notable things completed by the GMS team during the month:

  • Fixed several bugs
  • Updated the help file with 10.1
  • Raster tutorial updated
  • Print Layout (Beta) documented on wiki
  • Updated to MODFLOW-USG 1.3
  • Export UGrid to shapefile without MODFLOW data
  • Refactor of interpolation classes
  • Increased warning levels to 4 for all remaining configurations
  • Investigated VTK contour label solution
  • Deleting of UGrid points
  • Cleaned up display of quadratic UGrid cells
  • Progress on processing tool to interpolate UGrids to UGrids
  • Progress on GUI/library separation with the tree
  • xmsng: Scalar paving
  • xmsng: Edge swap on UGrids
  • xmsng: Created document to document code
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