Aquaveo & Water Resources Engineering News

GMS Sprint October 2013

  • Fixed 3 bugs
  • Branched version 9.2
  • Recorded three new videos for YouTube (not yet posted)
  • Improved test reporting in continuous build machines for MF-2000 and MF-2005
  • Removed copy protection in SEAWAT for GMS 9.1
  • Updated versions of MODFLOW-LGR and MODFLOW-NWT
  • Finished improving native MODFLOW text format for areal parameters
  • Completed design of CLN process interface
  • Created a 1D array editor dialog for MODFLOW-USG similar to 2D version
  • Got list package dialogs working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Fixed it so that 3D grids and Ugrid versions of MODFLOW can coexist
  • Got Sources/Sinks dialog working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got LAK package dialog working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got SUB package dialog working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got CCF view values working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got ZONEBUDGET working for MODLFOW-USG
  • Began conversion to Qt
  • Did some investigations of SWIG
  • Got Ugrid data sets working (import/export, save/restore, data calculator)
  • Saving Ugrid in VTK format in project (.gpr) file
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