Aquaveo & Water Resources Engineering News

January 2011 sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the January 2011 sprint.
  • Posted an update to GMS 7.1 with several bug fixes
  • Fixed several bugs in the development branch
  • Ran cppcheck to find and fix various bugs
  • Created three more videos for marketing
  • Added some new images to the image gallery
  • Wiki: Added MT3D Calculate Mass dialog help, Arc Hydro Groundwater, block fill in contour options
  • Changed iso-surfaces to use OpenGL vertex arrays
  • Cleaned up some things in all the tutorials
  • Disabled the contour options while in the Map module if there is no MODAEM model
  • Changed model checker to default to stop reporting after N errors
  • Added a Run SEAWAT macro button to the toolbar
  • Updated the advanced training course materials
  • Created the GMS 8.0 branch
  • Posted the first GMS 8.0 beta (woo hoo!)
  • Updated and added lots of tests