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MODFLOW & More 2015 conference

Alan Lemon and Norm Jones had a great time at the MODFLOW and More 2015 Conference May 31 - June 3. We didn't seem to take any pictures of the conference, but here's one from the IGWMC Facebook page and if you look closely you can just make out the edge of the Aquaveo booth off to the right of the photo. :)

MODFLOW & More 2015 Photo

GMS Sprint June 2015

Some of the more notable things completed by the GMS team during the month:

  • Fixed several bugs
  • Finished MODFLOW-USG translator. GMS can now read USG models created outside of GMS
  • Mostly finished the quadtree UGrid improvements
  • Increased interpolation speed even further
  • Support for AUTOFLOWREDUCE in MODFLOW-USG well package
  • Lots of testing improvements and refactoring
  • Training course in Ostrava, Czech Republic
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