Aquaveo & Water Resources Engineering News

November sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the November sprint.
  1. Posted an update of GMS 7.1
  2. Fixed 32 bugs
  3. Implemented getting a license for GMS 8.0 via the internet
  4. Community edition watermark and internet license implemented
  5. Finished the GUI modernization work
  6. Implemented ArcGIS web layers for dynamic background maps
  7. Redesigned the GMG solver dialog
  8. Updated the GMS Advanced training course materials
  9. Updated 31 tutorials
  10. Documented the new Check For Updates and Annotations features on the wiki.
  11. Created the GMS Image Gallery on the wiki.

October sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the October sprint.
  1. Fixed 13 bugs
  2. Posted an update of GMS 7.1
  3. Hid the module toolbar for the community edition
  4. Got OpenGl transparency strategy in place
  5. Implemented transparency on individual materials
  6. Implemented OpenGl vertex arrays for scatter point data
  7. Got block fill contour option working on 2d grids
  8. Updated some imagery of GMS and MODFLOW for marketing
  9. Updated MODFLOW code with the latest SAMG solver
  10. Documented grid redistribution on wiki
  11. Tested and updated twenty eight tutorials
  12. Created a design for the MODFLOW Gage package
  13. Updated materials for the GMS advanced course

September sprint highlights

Scrum method. See source for image license.

For a few years at Aquaveo we've been using the Scrum method. One of the things this means is that we work in monthly sprints and at the end of the month we have accomplished everything (hopefully) on our to-do list.

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the September sprint. Some of these items are worthy of their own more expanded blog post and we'll put those up soon.

  1. Moved to our new office building at 3210 N. Canyon Rd. Ste 300, Provo UT 84604.
  2. Fixed 23 bugs. More info on these will be posted to the forum when GMS 7.1 is updated
  3. Finished with OpenGL vertex array optimizations in dev.
  4. Had a great GMS training course here in Provo Utah!
  5. Created an installation for GMS 8.0
  6. Added importing MT3DMS .ucn files
  7. Switched the default background color to white in GMS 8.0
  8. Finished changes for the GMS Community Edition
  9. Finished updating copy protection for GMS 8.0
  10. Improved several observation plots associated with MODFLOW so they use the MODFLOW observation information.
  11. Switched observation plots to use the observation target symbol
  12. Created the feature request forum and wiki page
  13. Looked at HDF5 compression issues and MODFLOW files. Found we can start reusing compression.
  14. Upgraded to MT3DMS version 5.3 in GMS 8.0
  15. Upgraded to MODFLOW 1.19.1 in GMS 8.0
  16. Added the Check For Updates feature to the GMS 8.0 Help menu. It also automatically checks for updates on startup.