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MODFLOW SWI2 package support in GMS 10.1

GMS 10.1 includes support for the MODFLOW SWI2 package. "The SWI2 Package allows three-dimensional vertically integrated variable-density groundwater flow and seawater intrusion in coastal multiaquifer systems to be simulated using MODFLOW-2005" (USGS) A tutorial and sample files are available with GMS 10.1. Below is an animation created in GMS of the movement of a freshwater \ saltwater boundary due to changes in head and well pumping rates.

SWI package animation
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GMS Sprint February 2016

Some of the more notable things completed by the GMS team during the month:
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Deletion of UGrid cells implemented
  • Warn and skip segment if breakline crosses a mesh boundary
  • Merge / Split graphics tool
  • Plot windows now appear outside main frame
  • Interpolate UGrid to UGrid tool
  • Interpolate UGrid to coverage tool
  • xmsng: Progress on Polygon to patch mesh
  • xmsng: Merge triangles to a quadrilateral
  • xmsng: Split a quadrilateral into triangles
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