May 2011 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the May 2011 sprint:

  • Added three new GMS videos on the YouTube channel.
  • Fixed 24 bugs
  • Created an installer for GMS 8.1 for 32 and 64 bit
  • Created 64 bit versions of MODFLOW
  • Got 64 bit tests of MODFLOW running
  • Added a preference for 64 bit MODFLOW
  • Made good progress on restoring ability to contour and block fill at the same time
  • Finished fixing the annotation bugs to be included in 8.1
  • Created a local help page, similar to the online learning center, which will direct users to the tutorials installed locally
  • Created a table of contents for the wiki and got PDF generation of the wiki working. A locally installed PDF version of the wiki will be available with GMS 8.2.
  • Added code to MT3D model checker to look for missing species in the conceptual model
  • Almost finished basic raster implementation (raster objects coming in GMS 8.2)
  • Wrote a design for MODFLOW-NWT
  • Changed some MODFLOW dialogs to conform to the standard for variable names
  • Made lighting dialog display changes instantly in graphics window