December 2011 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the December 2011 sprint:

  • Fixed over 14 bugs
  • Finished 8.2 installer
  • Greatly improved the MODFLOW water table display in side view and got it working with MODFLOW-NWT solutions
  • Posted the first beta of GMS 8.2
  • Finished about 80% of our continuous integration system
  • Finished about 80% of the MODFLOW MNW2 package interface
  • Created an initial chm help file from the wiki. Doc-To-Help has a couple of blog posts about it
  • Created initial support for opening the chm help file to a particular topic from a dialog
  • Implemented a user request to change the MODPATH pathline color as it passes through different zones
  • Added a "Report a Bug" command to the Help menu
  • Added some user testimonials to