November 2011 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the November 2011 sprint:
  • Fixed over 5 bugs
  • Updated the tutorials for 8.2
  • Designed and implemented the ZONEBUDGET interface (available in 8.2)
  • Added registration components for MODFLOW-NWT and ZONEBUDGET
  • Created GUI tests for MODFLOW-NWT and ZONEBUDGET
  • Branched 8.2
  • Created the online license manager for 8.2
  • Created an automated nightly build that's posted and available at
  • Completed about 40% of the MODFLOW MNW2 package interface
  • Designed a GSFLOW interface
  • Started designing the PEST Null space Monte Carlo interface
  • Got chapters working in wiki to ODT conversion
  • Started creating a FEMWATER transport tutorial