MNW2 - Multinode Well 2 Package

GMS version 8.3 has added support for the MNW2 package in MODFLOW. This package is an update to the MNW1 package. In addition to supporting the capabilities of the MNW1 package, the MNW2 package can also calculate additional head changes due to partial penetration affects, flow into a borehole through a seepage face, changes in well discharge related to changes in lift for a given pump, intraborehole flows with a pump intake located at any specified depth in the well, and improved capability to simulate nonvertical wells.

Take a look at the GMS learning center here for new tutorials with the MNW2 package.

GMS supports manually creating/editing MNW2 boundary conditions directly on the MODFLOW grid.

In addition, the conceptual modeling tools have been updated to support the MNW2 package.


GMS continues to add support for MODFLOW packages. Look for more packages in the near future. Happy modeling!