GMS Sprint November 2015

Some of the more notable things completed by the GMS team during the month:

  • Fixed several bugs
  • Added conceptual model support for MODFLOW CLN package
  • Wrote a tutorial for MODFLOW CLN package
  • Implemented VTK to CAD
  • xmsng: Added callbacks during meshing for status
  • xmsng: Added relaxing of mesh nodes
  • xmsng: Added meshing multiple polygons and stitching into one mesh
  • xmsng: Added breaklines in meshing
  • xmsng: Added interpolation to meshed polys
  • xmsng: Started adding support for refine points in meshing
  • xmsng: Started on unstructured grid quality metrics
  • xmsng: Started on support for scalar paving
  • Much code refactoring
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